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Couple Relationships

Couple Relationships

Author: Paul R. Amato Overview Many changes have occurred in Australia since the establishment of

Digital Age Loneliness

The Loneliness of the Digitally Connected

Loneliness used to be identified as an issue particularly for the very elderly who have lost partners and friends through death; but now the loneliest age group in our community is the under-30s. These are the digital natives who typically have a large number of connections with people through social media.

We need to talk about Hungary

Over the past decade, Hungary’s marriage rates have risen by 92% taking them from number 28 in Europe in 2010, almost at the bottom of the list, to number one in 2020.

Living Alone in Australia

Over the last few decades there has been a gradual increase in the proportion of one person households. It seems that as Australians grow in age our likelihood to live alone continues to rise.

Family Break Up Image

Breaking Up Well

Anyone who has experienced a breakup knows how messy it can be – so how do we break up in a way that is most protective of children?


Housing Inequality

Housing inequality is a fact of life in Australia, and many other countries. Since the 1980s, house prices have outpaced incomes.

Publica Launch Event

Publica was launched in Sydney on February 10th 2022 with guest panellists Rev. Stu Cameron, CEO, Wesley Mission, and Dr Kate Harrison Brennan, head of policy at the Paul Ramsay Foundation.


Understanding Inequality in Australia

Australia is a country with unequal incomes, but unlike many countries, it has a very successful and targeted welfare system. This helps make society more equal through cash benefits and in-kind benefits like health and education.

Age of Alienation

Authors: Will Tanner, Fjolla Krasniqi and James Blagden OverviewThis report explores who is driving community