Politicians used to talk a lot about poverty and how to reduce it. One of the surprising things about our current political debates is how little focus there is on poverty in Australia and its many causes. 

Poverty is a huge source of stress in families and greatly affects the life chances of children.  It also impacts upon the wellbeing of  a large number of single, separated, divorced and widowed people in Australia.

Consideration of how best we can reduce poverty needs to occur afresh in every generation. Unemployment, under-employment and  housing insecurity are perennial issues.



Housing inequality is a fact of life in Australia, and many other countries. Since the 1980s, house prices have outpaced incomes.

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Publica Launch Event

Publica was launched in Sydney on February 10th 2022 with guest panellists Rev. Stu Cameron, CEO, Wesley Mission, and Dr Kate Harrison Brennan, head...

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