The Relationship Drought

The Relationship Drought is a new discussion paper for church leaders designed to stimulate conversations about how churches might better adjust to changes in the patterns of family formation and dissolution in Australia, and in particular, to the increasing problem of loneliness in certain groups within the community.

Written by Professor Patrick Parkinson AM and Dr Michael Jensen, this paper presents data on changes that are occurring in the Australian community over time, and which highlight the need for new strategies and approaches to ministry and outreach.

It is our hope that this paper would be a blessing and resource for the local church as it continues it mission of sharing the love filled gospel of Jesus Christ with the Australian community.

If this paper has been helpful or thought provoking for you as a christian leader, we would love to hear from you below.

One Response

  1. Well done Patrick and Michael! There’s a tone of good information and thinking here! I would like to suggest that there is a parallel piece of work to be done in the area of “pastoral care”. You have highlighted that we are ministering to more types of people with more diverse needs. This fragments the efforts of the church and may contribute to burnout. How do we genuinely care for heterogeneous congratulations and communities in the Spirit of Jesus?